We now suggest some methods that you can follow to ensure that your PC remains free from most of these errors:

By | July 6, 2010

* Perform regular registry cleanups ? If your registry is not functioning properly, it reflects in an overall decrease in system performance. It might lead to anything from application crashes to fatal system errors. This happens because the registry deteriorates over time, and the outdated entries for programs that no longer exist cause conflict with the present system settings, and can lead to frequent error messages and system crashes.In order to remedy this situation, you need to invest in a good, professional-quality registry cleaner, even if it costs you more initially. These tools are amazing and provide complete maintenance support. But make sure you download these programs only from a trusted source.
* Driver update ? Driver-related errors are known to occur due to the existence of obsolete drivers on the system. Yes, even though you might be surprised by this, the truth of the matter is that something as low-level as system drivers also need to be, and should be, updated.The advantages are twofold: first, the drivers will no more come into conflict, and the system will perform smoothly; and second, you will notice a significant increase in hardware performance.
As incredible as it sounds, the same hardware can be made to perform far better and faster with the help of newer drivers. For this, you should look for a reliable third-party driver-update tool, which will automate the whole process for you.
* Defragment the hard disk ? Your hard drive can be compared to a beehive, with certain cells filled with information and others not. For better performance, we ideally want all the information cells to be contiguously located. This process is termed defragmentation, and can be easily performed by running the standard Windows Disk Defragmenter utility. It might even help you save a bit of disk space as a part of regular housekeeping.The best part is that you need not do anything except click the mouse a few times. Once the process is complete, you will find your system responding faster, as it has to spend less ?effort? trying to locate where all the information bits lie.

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