Free Splashtop Remote Desktop Makes it Easy to Access PCs From Afar

By | August 17, 2011

Like most remote control software, Splashtop has two separate components: the Streamer, which you install on computers you want to control, and the Remote Desktop, which you install on your ?command center.? Both downloads are less than 10 megabytes each, and vendor Splashtop Inc. offers Splashtop Remote apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android and webOS devices as well.
One of Splashtop?s best features is visible right from the get-go. After installing the Streamer on your host computers, launch the Splashtop Remote Desktop on your control system. Splashtop will automatically scan your network for available hosts that are running Streamer and let you connect with a single click.
While connected, Splashtop automatically redirects all your keystrokes to the remote computer.  If your keystrokes aren?t being redirected, when you tap the Windows key your start menu appears, not the remote system?s start menu.