Make your passwords hard to crack, easy to use

By | February 28, 2012

The conflicting forces of the need to keep passwords secure and the desire to make them easy to remember have been at war since we’ve had computers. As we become connected to more and more online sites, the temptation to just use a single password for everything becomes tempting, even though we all know that is the most unsafe thing we could do. If a hacker gets one of your passwords, they get everything you are connected into, which could be disastrous.
Most browsers have an auto-complete function that will remember passwords and other form data for you. However, they only work on the computers on which you have already entered the data, so if you change computers you do have to remember them all over again. And they tend to forget passwords when you do things like clear your cookies or allow a certain amount of time to pass.
RoboForm Everywhere solves the difficulties of having to remember every single password while keeping them securely stored in one place. This way your passwords and other data can be accessed from any computer.
We found the setup of RoboForm easy to figure out. We just downloaded the client from the RoboForm website and installed it on our test computer. When prompted, we created the Master Password we would need for all uses of the software. Since this is the one password we would have to remember while using RoboForm, we made sure it was a good compromise between difficult to crack and easy to remember.
Once RoboFrom was up and running, a toolbar showed up in our browser window. This gave us access to the RoboForm menu as well as a visible reminder that it was active. There was also an icon in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen that we could use to access RoboForm when a browser was not open.
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