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By | October 24, 2012
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Software to Fix Root-Kit

  1. Download TDSSkiler


  1. Install the software by clicking on TDsskiller.exe.


  1. The installer will ask if you wish to install the software; click “Yes.”


  1. Click “Next” each time you are prompted


  1. Click “Yes” when asked if you wish to create a directory


  1. Run software


   What is a Rootkit?

A rootkit is different from the kind of computer virus or malware than most people are used to; viruses and other malware make their way into your computer with malicious intent to infect and destroy your data.
A rootkit is much more subtle, its purpose is not to infect your folders and your data, its purpose is to provide access to your folders and data to someone else.
A rootkit hides behind a program you downloaded that you thought was trustworthy then waits silently for you to give permission download the “trusted” program and burrows deep into the Operating System.
Removing A Rootkit
Most often the best way to remove a rootkit is to reinstall the operating system, however there are cases when this is not possible.
Check out our resource link for software to fix a rootkit.
Note: If the infected computer cannot access the Internet, download the file to a USB drive and install it on the infected computer.


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