Top 10 IT security stories of 2015

By | December 24, 2015

In the face of increasing cyber attacks, information security suppliers and information security professionals are being urged to rethink their approach to IT security.
Despite the rising costs of cyber attacks, security experts have routinely underlined the fact that many businesses are still not understanding the risks and are still not getting the basics right.
Some commentators believe that only the fall of a global firm will shake up cyber security, while others have predicted a major cyber attack in the next five years.
Some reports have suggested that UK firms are still not on top of cyber attacks, that many firms are not getting to grips with third-party security risks, and are not keeping up with new attack methods.
Throughout 2015, there has been a growing emphasis on the fact cyber attacks are increasingly a threat to the global economy and that security is as much a business issue as it is an IT issue.
2015 has seen a renewed emphasis on IT security alignment with business, and need for IT security to be a driver of business innovation and growth.
In terms of strategy, information security professionals are being urged to assume that their organisations will be breached and to focus on breach detection and business resilience.
But as most companies lack the required resources, some commentators predict widespread adoption of managed security services.
In addition to ensuring security basics have been done properly, information security professionals are also being encouraged to adopt emerging security technologies, and to pay attention to risks introduced by the internet of things, web applications, insiders, suppliers, and third parties.
Behavioural analytics is one of key emerging technologies that has seen significant investments and product announcements in 2015, while cyber insurance policy requirements and European data protection and cyber security rules is expected to have a significant impact on the way companies handle data.