Beware of Metador and steps to protect yourself.

By | February 7, 2023

A new hacking group, “Metador,” has reportedly been operating in Internet Service Provider (ISP) networks for several months. Information on the group is limited, but they are known to be highly skilled and sophisticated. It is important for individuals and organizations to take steps to secure their networks and data, and to stay informed about emerging security threats.

Here are a few steps to help secure your network:

  1. Use strong passwords: Ensure all devices on the network use strong and unique passwords.
  2. Keep software up to date: Regularly update all software, including the operating system and applications, to fix security vulnerabilities.
  3. Enable firewalls: Use firewalls to block unauthorized access and limit the spread of malware.
  4. Enable encryption: Use encryption for sensitive data in transit and at rest.
  5. Limit network access: Control access to the network by restricting who can log in and from where.
  6. Disable unnecessary services: Disable any unused or unnecessary network services to reduce attack surfaces.
  7. Regularly backup data: Regularly backup important data to ensure you can recover it in case of a security breach.
  8. Monitor network activity: Regularly monitor the network for suspicious activity, including failed login attempts and unauthorized access.
  9. Educate users: Educate users on safe online practices, such as avoiding phishing scams and keeping software up to date.

This is not an exhaustive list, and the specific steps you need to take will depend on your network setup and requirements. It is recommended to consult with a security expert to develop a comprehensive security plan.