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Getting a web design quote for a new website, or for a redesigned website, is a very challenging process. People are often concerned about the cost of a new website but so too the quality of the website design itself.

The Website Design Quote

A web design quote will typically break-down the scope of the design work and provide a focus on what will be achieved at what expense / resources. There?s typically a range of services that can be paid for when designing a website, but the quote should consider a great deal of facets, this might include:

  • A quote for a website CMS ? bespoke or standard.
  • Prices of fixed costs ? imagery, photography.
  • An element that includes branding design and logo design.
  • A quote for further offline development ? leaflets, brochures, etc.
  • Quotes for creative used for adverts ? banners, etc.
  • Variable design elements on the site: icons and adverts.
  • Quote for design consultation time.
  • And of course a quote for the overall design ? coding and aesthetics.

A Quote for Web Design Work often requires a Request for Proposal

Completing the website?s request for proposal is a very important part of requesting a quote for a website?s redesign. The request for a web design proposal lays the foundation for directing the creativity and scoping-out what resources are needed to meet or exceed the proposal.

Top tips in Requesting a Web Design Quotes

To help you request a web design quote and understand what the process entails, here are some top tips in helping you through this process:

  • Know what you want to achieve ? have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, both the aesthetics and/or the function, and communicate this clearly to the web designer.
  • When deciding on the function of the website (ecommerce, information, hub, comparison web site, etc) then try to picture the structure of the website.
  • Regarding aesthetics, know the kind of style you want to achieve ? meet and talk with your web designer or design team as part of the proposal / quote process.
  • How will the content be organised? What sections will be on the website?
  • What information will be provided on the homepage of similarly important pages?
  • What information will be accessible from the footer, header or navigation bar?
  • Choose a designer from their portfolio and testimonials. Maybe even ask how much they charge? Or what the average cost of a website design and development is?

All in all, if you?re looking for a web design quote, the better your understanding of the process, your design aspirations and the costings, the better your relationship will be and the better the outcomes. Requesting quotes for web design needn?t be stab in the dark, and of course by not getting the process wrong, can save you a great deal of time and money!!
Phenicie is free to provide quotes to both small and large companies. Prices of design work needn?t be misunderstood any more.

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