Security for Office 365

Let us help you keep your company safe.

Prevent logs not being captured

Block email attachments known to be bad

Prevent your users making their personal information public through their calendar

Blocks mass exfiltration of company emails to an external destination

Reduce account breach by enforcing multi-factor authentication

Protect your company reputation by alerting you if your users are spamming

Improve users’ password habits

Informs you if:

Hackers/vandals are deleting accounts

Administrators are abusing their privileges

Who is trying to send all emails to external sources

Users are sharing company data publicly

Hackers or users are impersonating management while sending email

Hackers are creating new accounts for themselves

SharePoint sites are being created to damage your reputation, or exfiltrate data

Admins or hackers are changing your security settings

Accounts have been breached in foreign countries

Your Office 365 accounts credentials have been made public

Unknown persons are accessing your accounts