Saving money in a down economy

Saving money in a down economy can be a challenging task, as economic downturns often lead to decreased income and increased expenses. However, there are several strategies that individuals and businesses can employ to cut costs and save money during a recession: It’s important to note that these are just general guidelines, and the best… Read More »

Types of unauthorized access on networks

Types of unauthorized access that can occur on networks: Hacking: unauthorized access to a computer system or network by a hacker, who uses various techniques such as exploiting vulnerabilities, guessing passwords, or using malware. Phishing: the use of fake emails, websites, or text messages to trick individuals into giving away personal information or login credentials.… Read More »

Securing infrastructure

Securing infrastructure refers to the measures taken to protect the physical and digital systems that support an organization’s operations and assets. This can include protecting data centers, networks, and other critical systems from unauthorized access, as well as implementing controls to prevent data breaches, cyber-attacks, and other security incidents. Some common security measures for infrastructure… Read More »

New technologies will be available in 2023

new technologies will be available in 2023, as research and development in various fields is constantly ongoing. However, some areas that are likely to see significant advancements in the near future include: Artificial intelligence and machine learning, which will continue to be integrated into a wide range of applications, such as autonomous vehicles, smart home… Read More »

The future of IT in America

The future of IT in America is likely to be shaped by a number of trends, including continued automation and the increasing use of artificial intelligence, the growing importance of cybersecurity, and the ongoing shift to the cloud. As automation and AI become more prevalent, it is likely that many tasks currently performed by humans… Read More »

Is Edge computing coming your way?

Edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm that brings data storage, management, and processing closer to the location where it is needed, in order to improve response times and save bandwidth. The idea behind edge computing is to move computation and data storage away from centralized servers in data centers and into devices and networks… Read More »

Users that need 2A turned off

instructions for disabling the security defaults in the Azure Active Directory (AAD) portal, a service that allows users to manage access to cloud applications and resources. To disable security defaults, you would need to perform the following steps: Please note that disabling security defaults may leave your Azure environment less secure, so it is important… Read More »