Common types of viruses and malware

common types of viruses and malware that have been seen in recent years, and which are likely to remain a threat in the future: Ransomware: This type of malware encrypts the victim’s files and demands a ransom payment in exchange for the decryption key. Ransomware has been a significant threat in recent years, and it’s… Read More »

Preventing attacks with phishing-resistant MFA

The attack methods used by cybercriminals are constantly evolving, becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect. To protect your most critical assets—such as information or financial resources—and to ensure they are not breached, end-to-end security solutions need to be in place at all times. Services relating to cyber security.Risk Assessment and AuditPrivacy Impact AssessmentMobile Application… Read More »

Beware of Metador and steps to protect yourself.

A new hacking group, “Metador,” has reportedly been operating in Internet Service Provider (ISP) networks for several months. Information on the group is limited, but they are known to be highly skilled and sophisticated. It is important for individuals and organizations to take steps to secure their networks and data, and to stay informed about… Read More »

What we do for your network.

Internet:We specialize in providing reliable and secure internet connections for businesses and homes in Lake County MT. Whether you need to set up a new internet connection or optimize an existing one, we can help. We also offer computer repair services for all of your technology needs. Our team of IT professionals have the experience… Read More »

Backup Backup and Backup

A backup is a copy of important data that can be used to restore the original data in case it is lost or becomes inaccessible. Backups are important because they help protect against data loss due to hardware failure, software bugs, human error, cyberattacks, and other forms of data corruption or deletion. By having a… Read More »